Vodou Sid Pasifik

January 22nd, 2010



January 12th 2010 devastated Haiti, the massive earthquake left over 280,000 dead and thousands and thousands of people homeless and starving.

We are all very aware of the heartfelt outpouring of billions of dollars the citizens of the world so generously gave, but the Haitians have barely received a trickle of it!  After my trip to Haiti earlier this year, I witnessed first hand that those who really need help the most are not getting any help at all.

My appeal to you is to please help with my efforts for the underprivileged in Haiti, I work at a grass-roots level and every cent of your donations will go towards helping people there, especially the children.  A little goes such along in Haiti.

Thank you for your support      Lape Bondye avek nou
Manbo Paula Wedo